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What this archive represents

This website is an ongoing project to keep access to BMW owner manuals and related documents that have been dropped from general circulation or are difficult to locate from original sources. The archive lists newer documents too, but will always focus on out-of-circulation items of interest to all BMW vehicle owner's.

Genuine and unaltered documents

All documents archived are exact, genuine and unaltered versions from BMW themselves (unless otherwise stated). There are no changes or differences from those had from the BMW website. For convenience of download, the manuals are stored in a zip file along with a small text file stating the origin and a copyright notice.

About copyrights

BMW Sections makes available these files as a convenience for the BMW enthusiast community. Unless otherwise stated, all documents are copyright BMW AG.


Q. Obtaining current year BMW manuals

A. This archive is purposely 3-4 years behind the current manuals listed on the official BMW vehicles website. You are encouraged to obtain new vehicle manuals from the BMW Owner's Area. BMW are known in the past to drop off the ability to download documents below certain years and are archived here, where available.

Q. Do you have Country or language specific documents?

A. BMW generally only have available English language manuals for download and those are based upon north American vehicles. Specifications contained within may be similar for world-wide models, but certain safety features specific for individual countries may be different. If you need a specific country version, you can order a printed manual from your local BMW dealer.

Q. Do you list BMW motorcycle manuals?

A. Only motor vehicle related documents are listed. By that definition, this excludes commercial vehicles, motorcycles and motorsport type BMWs. See here for BMW Motorcycle Manuals.

Q. A time-out message shows on clicking the download link

A. The links to download documents have a set time-span from first viewing the page. This duration allows you to download the file in good time, but will not work if a long delay is had, passed to someone via email, or saved for another time, for instance. Just return and refresh the page to download again.

Q. Can you obtain a manual for my XYZ... BMW?

A. I'm happy to help where I can, but unfortunately, cannot source documents upon request as all the manuals we have are archived on this website. Additional manuals may be availble from the main BMW website: BMW owners area.

Q. How do I open and view the downloaded manual?

A. The manuals are archived inside a standard ZIP file. The manual itself is a PDF-format file inside the ZIP file. For most operating systems, just double click the filename.zip file and extract the filename.pdf to a location on your computer. To view the manual (filename.pdf), double clicking the file will open it for viewing in the Firefox or Chrome browser (if these are installed). Otherwise, you need a free PDF reader application such as Evince or Adobe Reader.


Peter Jonas - editor of BMW Sections.

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Downloadable Documentation

Most documents listed on this website are sourced from the official vehicle manufactures and should be regarded as the copyright holders. These documents are not chargeable in the digital medium but can be acquired in paper format at cost from the vehicle manufacturers outlet. All documents are offered as a convenience to its visitors only.

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Please note - manuals cannot be sourced upon request as all documents available are already on this website.

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