BMW Driver Essential Accessories

Accessories to keep in your BMW for safety and emergency use

As the Editor of and former BMW automotive technician, these are my professional recommendations for essential items to keep in the vehicle in case of emergency, and other situations.

This list represents items an average driver can utilize, and should be complemented by membership to a vehicle recovery service for the ultimate protection.

These are photographed from items kept in my BMW.

#1 Portable Jump Starter

Incredibly important device. With a built-in Lithium battery, these compact jump-starters will get you out of trouble without having to ask other people for help or the need to carry Jump-Leads. Can start a vehicle from flat several times from one charge, but always recharge the device after every use. NOCO is a good choice here. When choosing, look for compatibility with your vehicle engine size.

Portable jump starter

NOCO on Amazon

#2 Car Fire Extinguisher

Could be the difference between partial damage or a complete burn-out. These extinguishers are small enough to store in the boot. Make a note of the expiry date and always choose one suitable for vehicle-based fires which are Dry Powder type extinguishers.

BMW car on fire in the UK, with fire extinguisher shown

Car Fire Extinguisher on Amazon

#3 Spare Mobile Phone

A basic mobile phone can be a life-saver. If you forget to take your regular phone, you can use this as a backup in an emergency. Nokia make some great small devices with long battery life. My personal choice is a white colour as it would be slightly easier to find in the dark. Modern mobile phones can dial emergency services without a SIM card required.

Nokia 105 Phone

Nokia Basic Phones on Amazon

#4 Automatic Battery Charger

Useful anytime, but especially in the winter when batteries are under more strain. For vehicles with a Stop/Start engine feature, an AGM compatible charger is recommended to match the corresponding technology. The manufacture CTEK makes some of the best battery charges available today.

CTEK Charger

CTEK on Amazon

#5 LED Tourch

Needed on darks nights when experiencing issues. Chose LED models for extra brightness and the longer battery life they offer. A brightness of 650 lumen or greater is recommended. Nitecore is a very popular brand.

LED car torch

Nitecore on Amazon

#6 Belt Cutter / Glass Hammer

These combo devices provide an emergency release of your seatbelt with a cutting edge, and built in hammer for breaking windows - aiding escape. Choose one for both driver and passenger and store them in each door pocket. LifeHammer and ResqHammer are the 2 well known brands of car life hammer.

Car rescue life hammer

Emergency Hammers on Amazon

#7 Notebook & money bag

Carry a notebook with telephone numbers of people you can rely on, and also info on your insurance and recovery services. A simple moneybag should hold spare change for making calls from a phone booth, and some paper currency for an emergency fuel top-up.

Car notebook

Notebooks on Amazon

#8 Other boot emergency items

Filled Water Bottle -- for drinking and emergency radiator fill-up.

Oil Refill - 1 litre.

Plastic Sheets -- for emergency warmth or as ground sheets for kneeling/lying down.

Latex Gloves.

Duck Tape -- apparently onboard every NASA mission!

Jump Leads -- useful as a backup to the above Portable Jump Starter.

Warning Triangle -- you most likely have this - but do check.

First Aid Kit -- you most likely have this by default - but check first.

Tools -- tools comparable to your ability.

Boot emergency items

Items available on Amazon

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