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BMW Sections is an archive of BMW owner's manuals for vehicles from 1998. Also features a BMW vin decoder and other information for vehicle owners.

The documents are officially sourced original BMW user manuals, unless otherwise noted.

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# 1.221116

* Scheduled updates and small fixes.

# 1.220111

* Updates to Repair Manuals and Accessories pages.

# 1.211005

* Scheduled updates and small fixes.

# 1.200817

* Improved VIN info output in the BMW VIN tool.

# 1.200401

* Fixed issue with incorrect font-style on win-mac computers.

# 1.190801

* Added Bentley Publications to BMW Repair Manuals section.

* Improved BMW vin check page with summary decoder.

# 1.190701

* General maintenance and scheduled updates.

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