BMW Vehicle History Report

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Why acquire a BMW History Report

A vehicle history report is a proven way to see the track record of any vehicle, either already owned, or when considering buying a used BMW. This is also known as a digital used-car-check. Data for the vehicle is held by various government and insurance agencies and reported through this history check to the public.

For most vehicles, info on buybacks, odometer fraud, previous collision damage, car recall notices and other such important information can be accessed. Additional vehicle information held by the NVMTIS (National Vehicle Motor Title Information System) is available for BMW vehicles.

In the UK, the RAC noted 1 in 3 vehicles may have undisclosed issues in their past, and is thus prudent to have an electronic used car check, such as provided by carVertical from this website.

The full BMW Vehicle History Report for World-Wide vehicles is provided by carVertical, an NMVTIS Approved data provider.

Note: Many points of data are not present with other car-check providers such as Carfax, CVR, DMVDesk, Experian and TitleTec.

What's in the full BMW History Report

The report will be dependent on vehicle type and country:

Where to find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):

1. Bottom corner of the front windshield.

2. Inside the front doorjamb.

3. Vehicle registration documents. UK: the V5C - Chassis/Frame No.

Note: '0' in any VIN code is always the number 0, not the letter.