BMW Information | BMW Technical Abbreviations

Technical acronyms, abbreviations and terminology as seen in the BMW user manuals and BMW service documents.


AAR - Automatic Air Recirculation.

AB - Airbag (airbag system).

ABL - Brake system warning Lamp.

ABS - Anti-lock Braking System.

AC - Air Conditioning.

ACC - Active Cruise Control.

ACS - Active Comfort Seats.

ACSM - Advanced Crash Safety Module.

ADB / ADB-X - Automatic Differential Braking.

ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance System.

ADS - Engine intake air control.

ADV - Windshield wiper pressure control.

AEGS - Automatic Electronic Gearbox Control (also EGS).

AFM - Air Flow Meter.

AGD - Suction silencer.

AGR - Emission reduction.

AGS - Adaptive transmission control.

AG - Automatic Gearbox (transmission).

AHL - Adaptive Headlights.

AHK - Active rear-axle Kinematics.

AHK - Trailer hitch.

AHM - Trailer Module (not US models).

AHPS - Advanced HPS.

AIC - Automatic Interval Control (rain sensor).

AKF - Activated carbon canister.

AKS - Active head restraint.

AKS - Pressure regulating device.

ALC - Automatic Light Control.

ALR - Automatic Lamp Range Adjustment.

ALR - Automatic-locking retractors.

AMM - Air Mass Meter.

AMP - Radio system AMPlifier.

ARI - Car radio information system.

ARRB - Automatic Rear Roller Blind.

ARS - Active Roll Stabilization.

ASC - All Season traction.

ASC - Automatic Stability Control.

ASC-EZA - ASC w/ engine timing and injection intervention.

ASC+T - ASC+ Traction control.

ASK - Audio System controller (Kontroller).

ASR - Self starter block relay.

AST - Automatic Slip control (marketing term).

AST - All Season Traction.

AT - Antenna.

ATF - Automatic Transmission Fluid.

ATL - Exhaust gas turbo charger.

AS - Active Steering.

AUC - Automatic air recirculation.

AUT - AUTomatic transmission.

AVT - Antenna amplifier Tuner.

AZD - Tightening torque specifications.

A/D - Analog/Digital.


B - Benzene (petrol, gasoline).

BAT - BATtery.

BC - Board Computer.

BC1 - Body Controller (#1).

BL - Brake Light.

BLS - Brake Light Switch.

BMBT - Board Monitor.

BMW - Bavarian Motor Works (Bayerische Motoren Werke).

BS - Block diagram.

BST - Battery Safety Terminal.

BVA - Brake pad wear indicator.

BZM - Center console control center.

BZMF - Center console control center, rear.


CA - Comfort Access, also Client Advisor.

CAN - Controller Area Network (Multiple ECU Controller).

CAN-Bus - Controller Area Network (bus).

CANH-Bus - CAN bus, High.

CANL-Bus - CAN bus, Low.

CANP - Fuel tank ventilation valve.

CAS - Car Access System.

CBC - Corner Braking Control.

CBC - Cornering Brake Control.

CBS - Condition Based Service.

CCC - Car Communications Computer.

CCM - Check Control Module.

CD - Control Display.

CDC - Compact Disk Changer.

CDS - CD player.

CDV - Clutch Delay Valve.

CEL - CELsius.

CID - Central Information Display.

CIM - Chassis Integration Module.

CIP - Coding, Individualization, Programming.

CO - Carbon monOxide.

COMBI - Electronic Instrument Cluster.

CON - CONtroller.

CPO - Certified Pre-Owned.

CSL - Club Sport Lightweight (Club Sport Leicht).

CU - Copper.

CVM - Convertible top Module.

CVT - Constantly Variable Transmission.

CW - Drag coefficient.

CWP - Cold Weather Package.


D-Bus - Diagnosis bus (same as TXD).

D1 - Xenon light/ gas discharge.

DBC - Dynamic Brake Control.

DBS - Dynamic Braking System.

DCC - Dynamic Cruise Control.

DCS - Dealer Communication System.

DD - Dynamic motor Drive.

DDE - Digital Diesel Electronics.

DE - Diagnostic Unit.

DIN - German industrial standards.

DIS - Diagnosis and Information System.

DISA - Differential air intake control.

DIVA - Continuously variable length intake runners.

DK - Throttle housing/valve.

DKB - Throttle w/ brake intervention.

DKE - Throttle Increase.

DKI - Throttle position.

DKR - Throttle reduction.

DKT - Throttle position signal.

DKV - Preset throttle position value.

DM-TL - Diagnostic Module Tank Leakage.

DME - Digital Motor Electronics.

DOHC - Double Over Head Camshafts.

Double VANOS - Steplessly variable intake and exhaust valve timing.

DRL - Daytime Running Lights.

DS - gasket set.

DSC - Dynamic Stability Control.

DSP - Digital Sound Processing.

DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code (SAE).

DTC - Dynamic Traction Control.

DWA - Theft deterrent system.

DWS - Tire pressure Warning System.

DZM - Revolution counter.


E-KAT - Electrically heated catalytic converter.

EBV - Electronic Brake force proportioning.

ECE - European market version.

ECM - Engine Control Module (SAE term).

ECO - Controller for I-Drive system.

ECU - Electronic Control Unit.

ED - European Delivery.

EDC - Electronic Dampening Control.

EDC-K - Electronic Dampening Control - Continuous.

EDK - Electronic throttle valve.

EDR - Electronic throttle control.

EDS - pressure regulator.

EFH - Electric window lifter.

EGS - Electronic transmission control.

EH - Electronic-Hydraulic.

EHC - Electronic Height Control.

EKM - Electronic body Module.

EKP - Electric fuel Pump.

ELV - Electronic steering lock.

EM - Electro-Mechanical.

EMF - Electro-Mechanical parking brake.

EML - Electronic Motor Load regulation.

EMV - Electro-Magnetic sensitivity.

EO - Component location.

EPC - Electronic Parts Catalog (also ETK).

EPROM - Erasable/ Programmable chip Memory.

ESS - Electronic anti-theft device.

ETK - Electronic parts catalog (also EPC).

ETM - Electrical Troubleshooting Manual.

EV - Injection Valve.

EWS - Electronic drive-away protection.

EZA - Same as ASC-EZA.


FB - Function description.

FBC - Fading Brake Control.

FBD - Remote control services.

FBZV - Radio frequency locking system.

FDRS - Fold Down Rear Seats.

FGR - Vehicle Speed Control (Cruise Control).

FH - Window lifter.

FHK - Rear Heater/ air conditioner.

FLC - Automatic Light Control.

FRU - Flat Rate Unit.

FS - Crash Sensor.

FTM - Flat Tire Monitor.

FZV - Central lock receiver.


GAL - Speed dependent sound volume.

GM - General Module.

GMR - Yaw moment control.

GPS - Global Positioning System.

GRII - Cruise control.

GRS - Rotation Rate Sensor.

GS - Belt Tensioner.

GWK - Torque converter lock-up control.


H2 - Xenon headlights.

HA - Rear Axle.

HC - Hydro Carbon.

HD - Heavy Duty.

HDC - Hill Decent Control.

HFM - Hot Film air mass Meter.

HG - Manual Gearbox (transmission).

HKL - Hydraulic trunk lid Lift.

HLM - Hot Wire Air Mass Meter.

HPS - Head Protection System.

HR - Heater control.

HU - Head Unit.

HUD - Heads Up Display.

HVA - Hydraulic Valve Adjuster.

HWS - Headlight Washer System.

Hz - Hertz (Cycle).


I-Bus - Information bus.

IB - Interior lighting control signal.

IHKA - Automatic Heating and A/C.

IHKAF - IHKA w/ micro filter.

IHKR - Regulated Heating and A/C.

IHKRF - IHKR w/ micro filter.

IHKS - Standard Heating and A/C.

IHPD - Internal High Pressure Deformation.

IHR - Integrated Heater control.

IKE - Instrument cluster Electronics.

ILH - Interior Lighting, rear.

ILV - Interior Lighting, front.

IMS - Instant Mobility System.

IR - Infrared.

IRS - Infrared Locking System.

ISC - Idle Speed Control.

ISIS - Intelligent Safety and Information System.

ISN - Individual Serial Number.

ISOFIX - Standardized mounts for child restraints.

ITS - Head airbag assembly/ Inflatable Tubular Structure.

IVM - Integrated power supply Module.




K-Bus - Body bus (Karosserie).

KAT - Catalytic converter.

KATON - Converter creating (signal).

KD - Kick-Down.

KHI - Interface for headphones.

KL - Terminal designation.

KL15 - Run bus (ignition switch run position).

KL30 - Battery bus (hot at all times).

KL31 - Ground bus (chassis ground).

KL50 - Start bus (ignition start position).

KLR - Accessory bus.

KO - Compressor ON signal.

KOMBI - Instrument cluster.

KOREL - Compressor relay signal.

KR - Contact Ring.

KSK - Knock Sensor.

KVA - Fuel consumption signal/value.

KW - Crankshaft.

KW - KiloWatt.


LCM - Lamp Check Module.

LDP - Leak Diagnosis Pump.

LEV - Low Emissions Vehicle.

LEW - Lateral acceleration sensor.

LHD - Left-Hand Drive.

LKM - Lamp control Module.

LL - Closed throttle.

LM - Light Module.

LMM - Air flow meter/sensor.

LMR - Light alloy wheel.

LRA - Vertical headlight aiming.

LSM - Steering column memory.

LSZ - Lamp Switching center.

LVA - Air supply system (for EHC system).

LVDS - Low Voltage Differential Signaling.

LWR - Vertical headlight aim control.

LWRT - Low Weight Reinforced Thermoplastics.

LWS-5 - Steering angle sensor.


M-Bus - IHKA/IHKR stepper motor bus.

MAL - Center armrest.

MBC - Maximum Brake Control.

MDK - Motorized throttle valve/system.

MFC - Multi-Function Controller.

MFL - Multi-Function steering wheel.

MFS - Multi-Function Steering Wheel.

MFU - Multi-Function Clock.

MID - Multi-Information Display.

MIL - Malfunction Indicator Lamp (SAE), "check engine".

MIR - Multi-Information Radio.

MMC - Multi-Media Changer.

MoDiC - Mobile Diagnostic Computer.

MOST-Bus - Media Oriented System Transport bus.

MRS - Multiple Restraint System.

MSR - Engine drag torque Regulation.

MV - Magnetic Valve (solenoid Valve).


n-ab - Rotational speed, transmission (rpm).

n-mot - Rotational speed, engine (rpm).

NAVI - Navigation module.

NG - New Generation (N73 engine).

NG - Tilt sensor.

NOX - Nitrogen Oxides/ exhaust gas recirculation.

NSD - Rear muffler.

NSL - Rear fog Lamp.

NSW - Fog lamp.

NTC - Negative Temperature Coefficient.

NW - Camshaft.


OBC - On-Board Computer.

OBD - On-Board Diagnosis.

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer.


P-Bus - Periphery bus.

P/N - Park/Neutral position.

PB - Pin assignments.

PBS - Parts Bulletin System (in TIS).

PCD - Performance Center Delivery.

PDC - Park Distance Control.

PDI - Pre-Delivery Inspection.

PGS - Passive Go System.

PM - Power Module.

PP - Impact Pad.

PTC - Positive Temperature Coefficient.

PuMA - Product and Measures Management in After sales.

PWG - Pedal position sensor/ potentiometer.




RA - Repair instructions.

RAL - Aluminum wheels.

RAL - Standard color.

RAM - Random Access Memory.

RDC - Tire pressure Control.

RDS - Radio Data-broadcast System.

RDW - Tire pressure Warning.

RFT - Run Flat Tires.

RHD - Right-Hand Drive.

RLS - Rain-Light Sensor.

RM - Relay Module.

ROZ - Research Octane rating/ fuel grade.

RPA - Tire puncture warning.

RPS - Rollover Protection System.

RS - Repair kit.

RSC - Run flat System Components.

RSW - Back-up lamp.

RXD - Wake-up Diagnosis line.

RZV - Direct stationary ignition.


SA - Sales Advisor or Service Advisor.

SASL - Satellite, A-pillar left.

SASR - Satellite, A-pillar right.

SAV - Sport ACTIVITY Vehicle.

SB - Fuse assignments.

SBE - Seat occupancy detector/sensor.

SBFH - Seat module, passenger-side rear.

SBK - Safety Battery Terminal Clamp (???).

SBSL - Satellite, B-pillar left.

SBSR - Satellite, B-pillar right.

SBT - SI techniques/ tech reference information (in TIS).

SCA - Soft Close Automatic/Actuator.

SD - Silencer/ muffler.

SD - Sliding roof.

SE - Special Equipment.

SES - Voice Recognition System.

SFAH - Seat module, driver's side rear.

SFZ - Satellite, vehicle center.

SG - Control unit.

SGS - Seat integrated belt System.

SHD - Sliding/ lifting roof.

SHD - Sunroof module (also SHDM).

SI - Service Information (in TIS).

SIA - Service Interval system (ver. I, II, III, IV, etc.).

SII - Service Interval Indicator.

SIL - SILicon.

SIM - Safety Information Module.

SINE - Siren/tilt sensor.

SKD - Steel sliding roof.

SKHD - Steel sliding/ lifting roof.

SM - Seat Module.

SM/SPM - Seat/Mirror Memory.

SMBF - Seat Module, passenger side.

SMFA - Seat Module, driver's side.

SMG - Sequential Manual Gearbox.

SP - Schematic.

SRA - Headlight/fog light cleaning.

SRS - Supplemental Restraint System.

SSD - Steel sliding roof.

SSH - Seat Satellite, rear seat.

ST - Connector views.

Steptronic - Transmission shift control.

STVL - Satellite, left front door.

STVR - Satellite, right front door.

SULEV - Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (not coined by BMW).

SVS - Speech processing System.

SWR - Headlamp cleaning system.

SWZ - Special tool listings (in TIS).

SZL - Switch center, steering column.

SZM - Central switch center Module.


TAGE - Door handle Electronics.

TCM - Transmission Control Module.

TD - Engine speed signal (ignition pulse).

TD - Technical Data (in TIS).

TDD - Technical Documentation Disk.

TE - Fuel evaporation control.

TEL - TELephone control unit.

TEV - Evaporative purge control.

THZ - Tandem master cylinder.

ti - Injector ON Time (duration).

TIS - Technical Information System.

TL - Part throttle / load signal.

TLEV - Transitional Low Emission Vehicle.

TMBFT - Door Module, passenger side.

TMBFTH - Door Module, passenger side rear.

TMC - Traffic Message Channel.

TMFAT - Door Module, driver's side.

TMFATH - Door Module, driver's side rear.

TP - Tandem Pump.

TP - Traffic Program.

TPC - Tire Pressure Control.

TPM - Tire Pressure Monitor.

TPS - Throttle Position Switch/Sensor.

TR - Engine speed signal (rpm).

TR - TRansistor.

TRG - Fuel level sensor.

TRI - Technical Reference Information (also SBT).

TRS - Battery isolation Switch.

TSB - Technical Service Bulletin.

TSD - Torsional vibration dampener.

TSH - Door lock Heating.

TSZI - Transistorized coil Ignition system.

TU - Technical Update (as in M50tu).

TXD - Transmitting Diagnosis line.


U-batt - Battery voltage.

U-vers - Supply voltage.

UERSS - Rollover bar.

URS - Rollover protection System.

USIS - Ultrasonic passenger compartment Sensor.


V - Vorn (front).

V - Vehicle road speed.

VA - Front Axle.

VAC - Voice Activated Control.

VANOS - Variable camshaft timing.

VAT - Front axle support.

VDC - Vehicle Distribution Center.

VEP - Distributor-type injection Pump.

VID - VIDeo module.

VL - Full load (wide open throttle).

VPC - Vehicle Preparation Center.

VSD - Front muffler.

VVT - Valve tronic.


WBG - Hazard warning switch.

WIM - Wiper control Module.

WK - Torque converter lock-up clutch.

WSS - Wind Shield.

WT - Valve tronic control unit.






ZAB - Ignition fade-out (reduction).

ZAE - Central Airbag Electronics.

ZAS - Ignition starter switch.

ZCP - Competition Package (M3).

ZCW - Cold Weather Package.

ZGM - Central Gateway Module.

ZHP - Performance Package (Available on US-Market e46 330i/Ci/Cic Only).

ZK - Cylinder head.

ZKE - Central body Electronics.

ZKH - Cylinder head cover.

ZMS - Dual-Mass flywheel.

ZPP - Premium Package.

ZS - Central lock.

ZSD - Center muffler.

ZSP - Sport Package.

ZV - Central locking system.

ZVM - Central locking Module.

ZWD - Idle control valve.



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