Website Changelog

# 1.231015

Added separate BMW History Report section page.

# 1.231002

Updated design and mobile - all pages improved.

Improved VIN decoder output

Scheduled updates and fixes.

# 1.221116

Scheduled updates and small fixes.

# 1.220111

Updates to Repair Manuals and Accessories pages. Scheduled fixes and small changes.

# 1.211005

Scheduled updates to the Vin Decoder, plus small fixes.

# 1.200817

Improved VIN info output in the BMW VIN tool.

# 1.200401

Fixed issue with incorrect CSS font-family for Windows and Mac computers.

Other small changes.

# 1.190801

Added Bentley Publications servicing manuals to the BMW Repair Manuals section.

Improved the BMW VIN Check page with decoder tool giving vehicle summary info.

# 1.190701

General maintenance and scheduled updates.

Added this sitemap.

Added e90 drivebelt diagram page.

Added BMW essential accessories page.

Links updated and many other small changes.


HTTPS testing for webpage content proven successful - now permanent.

BMW repair and service manuals section added (in association with Haynes manuals).

Minor adjustments throughout and some external links fixed.

Resources section updated with Reddit BMW links.

# 1.160901

Body copy font size increased to 0.875em (from 0.8em). Depending on your browser and operating system, this will result in a slightly larger body font size.

# 1.160601

All web content now via the secure HTTPS protocol. File download are still on HTTP. From the initiative "Encrypting the Web" by the EFF (

# 1.160101

BMW X1 series manuals added for 2013 - no earlier versions have been published by BMW.

All series updated with 2013 version manuals as per archive policy.

# 1.151101

Vehicle Information / Tools (UK) page section list updated.

Further improvements for mobile devices.

Layout adjustments on most pages.

# 1.150301

More improvements for mobile devices making the site fully mobile-friendly, according to Google.

Share icons enlarged and made flat.

# 1.150101

New section BMW Catalogs listing PDF BMW accessories catalogs from 2009

Front page now showing latest changelogs (again!)

Further improvements for mobile devices.

Reverted layout on the BMW official web sites page.

# 1.141201

Added E90 Entertainment & Communication technical document.

Updated Help & FAQ and Vehicle Resources pages.

Reorganized front page giving direct access to the manual pages.

Improvements made for mobile devices.

Improved layout on many pages.

# 1.140701

Auxiliary drive belt positioning information for BMW M43TU engines.

# 1.140401

New reference page: BMW Radio Service Mode Settings.

Updated BMW Vehicle Resources with magazine, DIY/instructional and additional forum sites of interest.

Improved mobile device page rendering in addition to other layout improvements for small-screen devices.

# 1.140201

Archive file locations updated to

# 1.140101

All BMW series models (for those BMW has released) updated with manuals covering 2012 as per archive policy.

Added vehicle conversion of units page to BMW info section.

Replaced the 'add-this' service to local hosted code (less third-party calls).

# 1.131001

BMW abbreviations page added to Info section.

BMW world-wide sites page added to Info section.

BMW VIN Lookup information page reordered and improved.

# 1.130901

Added 2011 manuals aligning with a revised archive policy of 2-years behind current year production models (change from 3-years).

Added new section - BMW Info Page for BMW related information.

Separated BMW Radio/Entertainment - Coms/On-board Computer manuals to their own pages.

Checked and updated all links on the BMW Resources page.

Updated design to work better with mobile devices, tablets etc, plus other design improvements (keeping it simple).

Replaced all images with the PNG format - the patent-free replacement for GIF.

# 1.130701

Archived Bluetooth and retro-fit instruction manuals along with a BMW Link.

iPhone integration manual to media and coms doc pages.

# 1.130501

Archived 2 BMW Bluetooth manuals/guides, E90 radio manual (scan), and E39 radio and communications user manual to media docs page.

# 1.130301

Archived classic 7-series manuals: E23 (1983), E32 (1992), M60 (1992), E38 (1998) to BMW 7 Series and BMW M Series section pages. Some documents are scanned copies from now unobtainable originals.

# 1.130201

Added additional BMW radio manuals, navigation, communication & on-board computer system documents to coms docs section.

# 1.130101

All user manual document sections updated with new manuals for 2010 as per the archive policy.

# 1.121101

Added [rare] 8 Series E31 documents section.

BMW clubs and registries added to Resources pages.

# 1.120901

Added some Z8 Series Technical Documents plus document scans.

Updated Resource Links page section [BMW Specific Online Tools].

# 1.120201

Added X6 Series manuals to year 2009.

Added M Vehicle Series manuals to year 2009.

# 1.120101

All BMW manuals sections updated with 2009 editions as per archive policy of 3-4 year post-BMW publication date.

# 1.111001

1 series manuals for years 2008 now archived.

BMW Resources page updated with BMW Bluetooth Compatibility Check Tool link.

Offers page updated with some additions.

# 1.110701

Changed documentation pages layout to show individual BMW series pages.

All doc sections updated with additional manuals.

Year 2008 BMW manuals now archived.

# 1.110101

Resources section updated with new links.

# 1.100701

Added owner's manual for 1998 BMW E36. Part No. 01 41 9 790 377.

Added places to purchase BMW parts to Resources page.

Reorganized Manuals listings for improved clarity.

Removed eBay-parts auction tool due to lack of use.

Added list of all OFFICIAL BMW websites to Resources.

2009 ~

Changes not documented.

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